Catches for the winter holidays

When me and my buddies visited St. Anton last winter we decided to go back again this yearbecause it's fair to say it was the best ski center I have ever been to - it had everything and more! We didn't have one boring moment in St Anton. In the daytime we were skiing/snowboarding and as soon as the sun dropped behind the mountains we went back to our room for a shower and change and then we had a beer before dinner - great food everywhere. We partied real hard some nights and some others we just chilled in a bar or in front of tho hotel's nice fireplace. Some mornings we went strolling about in the cute town and admired all the amazing clothes and gear we could have bought if we were rich, but unfortunately everything was a bit out of our budget.

The time for bargains is now

Since it's the middle of the summer now, my buddies and I have gotten together to find bargains of new ski gear and -wear and we've found some amazing deals. The best time to stock up on these kinds of things is now. We have already booked our trip and will be spending two weeks in January in St Anton, this time in new hot wear and smooth gear. Can't wait!

The only one longing for Christmas in June

I'm also already addicted to the site where you can check out things like snow report and powder finder and - of course - read up ondifferent ski destinations all over the world. I know, I know, it's still just june but I guess I'm one of few people already longing for Christmas...

13 Jul 2017